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Nancy Drew Movie

July 26th, 2009

Nancy Drew is an iconic girl detective created by Carolyn Keene with a passion for mystery and all things old. The small-town Nancy Drew (played by Julia Roberts’ niece Emma Roberts) is about to experience a serious case of culture shock as she heads to Hollywood on an extended business trip with her father Carson Drew (Tate Donovan) and prepares to join the 21st century (well, sort of) at Hollywood High. Having promised her father that she’ll give up sleuthing in favor of becoming a “normal” teenager, Nancy tries her best to resist the lure of the age-old mystery of famous actress Dehlia Draycott’s (Laura Harring) death, but living in Dehlia’s old booby-trapped mansion full of clues proves too powerful a force for Nancy to resist. Feeling completely out of place with high school peers who prove self-absorbed and obsessed with fashion, Nancy makes an unlikely friend in 12-year-old Corky (Josh Flitter), the brother of one of the meanest girls at school. Hormones and hero worship land Corky right in the middle of Nancy’s dangerous detective work and inspire some good old-fashioned jealousy when Nancy’s close friend Ned (Max Thieriot) visits from River Heights. Nancy’s deductive skills are as sharp as ever, and her inspired detective work will profoundly impact the lives of complete stranger Jane Brighton (Rachael Leigh Cook), her own father, and a host of others. Offering a faster pace for modern audiences than the classic Nancy Drew films, this 2007 movie is sure to enthrall a whole new generation of tweens and teens while simultaneously living up to their parents’ expectations. Rated PG for mild violence, thematic material, and brief language. –Tami Horiuchi

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