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004 The Mystery at Lilac Inn

July 26th, 2009

When Nancy Drew and her friend visit Lilac Inn, mysterious events occur that seem to indicate that Nancy’s presence is unwanted there and the Inn may be haunted. After her friend’s diamond jewelry is stolen, Nancy must try to solve the mysteries and recover the jewels. Actress Laura Linney briskly narrates this original Nancy Drew mystery by Carolyn Keene. Her expressive and crisp rendering of the tale is occasionally too fast, requiring that listeners pay close attention, especially during descriptive passages. Although the material is dated, such as when a telephone switchboard is mentioned and a character wears an “aqua organdy dress,” listeners will still have fun trying to solve the mystery on their own from the clues provided before the conclusion of the book. Orchestral music in the background, lush with string instruments, adds to the moments of peril within the narrative.–B. Allison Gray, John Jermain Memorial Library, Sag Harbor, NY

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